Agenda 21 in Action: Sacramento Can ignore CEQA in Building Arena—Near “Transit Area”—100 Locations in State Can Also Ignore CEQA

by Stephen Frank : capoliticalnews – excerpt

Government by its very nature is corrupt.  Democrats in Sacramento passed legislation that exempts the Sacramento Kings and the city of Sacramento from water protection, the CEQA Rules.  This was to keep a billionaires toy in town, at a taxpayer cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.  The worse news is that the way the bill was worded over 100 other areas of the State can do the same.

And, if you have a project within a half mile of government transit, you might be able to take advantage.  Who said the Democrats want to protect the environment?  It is all about the money for the unions, the special interests and the very rich.

“The changes in this bill specifically impact projects that are in a “transit priority area,” which means that they have some type of public transit available within one-half mile from the project location. They also affect the infill site projects, meaning a zone that is surrounded by urban areas on at least three sides. CEQA requirements on those types of projects would be eased, although a project must still comply with other existing (or future) laws that apply to aesthetic or parking impacts.”… (more)

Sacramento Kings’ CEQA Bill Could Affect Cities Statewide


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